What Next at Cornwall Airport Newquay?

There’s been a lot of news, opinion and nonsense surrounding Cornwall Airport Newquay, Heathrow and Flybe over the last few weeks. So I thought I’d just add a couple of thoughts after the Flybe ‘rescue’ news last night (14 Jan)……

I’m not a betting person but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the schedule from Cornwall to Heathrow beyond the end of March released relatively quickly now – maybe over the next few days/week. The focus behind the Government’s negotiations with the airline regarding keeping regions connected, I believe, will really be borne out in the coming months when the new organisation beds in and we see the rebranding take place. My hope (expectation) is that we will see more consistency in pricing with the new airline. This would make the connectivity to long haul destinations even more cost effective for Cornish and Devonian travellers as Virgin Atlantic look to use Virgin Connect regional flights to feed their international flights from Manchester and Heathrow.

I had pondered whether or not they would look to put something on Newquay-Gatwick, in addition to Heathrow, to feed their Orlando and Caribbean traffic. However, given the popularity of those routes point to point and the development of similar routes from Manchester, I’m not sure we’ll see that.

These are purely thoughts and opinion – in no way anything official. It’s just how I can see things playing out given my experience working for airlines. It remains to be seen how long this process takes and what twists and turns (if any) lie ahead but I remain convinced that the future for Newquay to Heathrow – and beyond – is bright.