Cornwall Airport Newquay
As well as various short-haul holidays to Europe that are available from Newquay and Exeter, our connections allow us to build packages to some of the most sought after long haul destinations using Newquay or Exeter as the Departure Airport…
Exeter Airport

Starting your long-haul holiday from Newquay or Exeter Airports is so much easier than you may think. You can often start your holiday by flying from our South Western regional airports because many of the large, international airlines have an ‘interline’ agreement with Flybe which means:

Exotic and memorable Worldwide destinations such as Mauritius, Thailand, Australia, India, Dubai and the USA are within easy reach with the benefit of not travelling for hours before even getting on a plane. Imagine arriving back into London and not having a 5 hour car or train journey back home but, instead, getting one of your friends or relatives to pick you up at our local airport!? So, whether you want a weekend in New York, a luxury retreat to the Maldives, a safari in Africa or anywhere in between, just give us a call to see what options are available to you from Newquay or Exeter.

* Please note that due to the unfortunate demise of Flybe we are awaiting confirmation of the replacement carriers to facilitate these holidays and will update this page accordingly when possible.